CJs also known Cafe Java’s has been in Kenya for about one year now. They have over 300 selected menu items, each being unique in its own way. After visiting quite a number of restaurants, I am certain to say that CJs is my all time favorite restaurant. I enjoyed it from the moment I walked in till when I left the place being fully satisfied… I even questioned if perfect does exist.

Information about CJs


The restaurant caters for each and every individual; vegetarian, non-vegetarian & vegan.


The pricing of food ranges from Ksh 600- Ksh 1300. Quite on the high side but it is all VERY VERY worth it!


CJs have three branches in Nairobi. At Koinange street, Village Market & the newest branch at The Waterfront Mall in Karen.

Contact information

You can find out more about CJs on their website :

Their Instagram: CJs254


CJs is a family friendly restaurant with enough sitting space for a large group of people, children and adults.

The lighting in the restaurant is both artificial and natural. There is an outside sitting space where customers can sit with a view of the Waterfront, that is if you are at The Waterfront Branch.

The space is not really noisy. Just the usual chatting of people and maybe children playing by the aqua park .

CJs is very clean and I’d like to applaud them on that.


I ordered the Southwest Quesadilla with a side of Mexican rice. The meal was so tasty just from the first bite, I could feel the value for my money just from taking the first bite. The chicken was well seasoned and flavorful, the rice was delicious and they sides ; kachumbari , guacamole and some sauce I didn’t clearly get its name was a great match to the food.

I recommend this meal , and if you’re not into rice you have the choice of having fries . My meal cost Ksh 1190 and it was worth every single shilling.

The portions were beyond great and I was very much impressed.

My friend had the Trio, which has A curry of your choice, fish fillet and chicken. For the side he had Fries. The meal was great, and I genuinely had no complaint or disappointment. His meal cost Ksh 1290 and if you’re not much of an eater, do not order that because you will not manage to finish it ?

The service from the waitresses and waiters was very excellent. They were keen on our order, took time explaining what we shall expect and even gave us an insight on how we could win a meal from the restaurant. They were warm, friendly and inviting. I could go on and on talking about how great CJs was for me… but I have to conclude this post.


I went to CJs impromptu without informing anyone that I would review their restaurant and this is the service I received . I am very impressed and for an overall I give them a 9.5/10.

I definitely recommend CJs, you will like it!

Thank you for your time folks, see you on the next post! ?

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