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Delicious Hot Chocolate

You know that time of the year when the weather decides to be gloomy, dark and miserably cold? yeah, that is when I realized that hot chocolate can get reaaally addictive. Now I understand why some people would prefer Hot Chocolate over coffee. When I first made this recipe, my mom was so excited and …



With Jamie Rariewa “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade” ? Jamie & I did just that on this post. I’m a big sucker for lemonades. Be it strawberry, watermelon… you name it. I always find myself making a jug of lemonade at least once every two weeks. I enjoy mine cold and icy, …



We all love to relax and unwind with a light drink by our side, right? Sometimes the thought of going out may be too expensive or tiresome. This Sangria recipe, that I got to learn from Nicole Tara will be a life saver to any of you wine fanatics. You will be done in a …